All of my life, it's been me, and me alone.
I was dependent on no one and answered to no one.
I thought my life was full of what I needed.
I carefully surrounded myself with family and friends.
I thought myself to be happy and content.
I thought I would never need anything or anyone.
Unbeknownst to me, I walked through life as if in a fog...
A fog that was my shield.
This armor is my protection to the world.

Then My Love, you entered my world.
I saw in you a light... a light so bright,
so brilliant, that it could put an evening star to shame.
And that very light, like a beacon in the night, guides us together.
I am no longer in need of a shield.
For you are my armor, my protector.

Having you in my life has made me realize,
just how incomplete a soul I was.
I've come to learn that I need you,
like I need the air to breath,
like the beach needs the ocean to caress it's golden sand.
For together we are one... one heart, one soul.

I am not a poet or fine writer of words,
I'm just a woman in love.
Someone who can't always find the exact words to express,
what is in the depths of her heart.
Only know that you are my heart,
I carry you with me always.
I love YOU, only YOU and ALWAYS YOU!

~ da BEAN'ette™ ~