Our Love is a lil house,
built just for me and you.

It's a fun interest'n place,
n only we have da key Mmmmmmmmmm...

We can let others inside if we want,
Or we can spend da time in solitude.

We can have an all out partae :c)
Or we can rest in da comfortable
silence of each others arms.

We can talk real loud bout
silly -n- crazy THANGies
Or we can whisper secrets
about serious matters...

da way we feel... da dreams we share...
in da lil house, dat is our love...

Day by day we decorate our Love
with colorful expressions of ourselves.

We decorate it with timeless memories,
With countless jokes, with
a few embarrassing moments
Some tears, and much laughter.

Our love is our very own, very special
place... n there is no place I'd rather
be than in this one in a lifetime Love
wif you!

baby, I am extremely n Love wif you...

~ da BEANstah™ ~