You are my forever Lover and everyday that goes by
it seems like i discover something new about you to Love,
its incredible to me how one person
can make such a big difference in my life.

Sweetness you touch me in a way no one else has,
and u give me so many special reasons to continue on being me,
cuz baby u truly love me from within;
the outter does not matter to you,
and because of that i yearn for your tenderness.
I've never been so overwhelmed with happiness,
and i've never been so much in Love!

In the past i thought that only i
could make the right decisions for myself,
now i can discuss and share all my ideas with you,
and you can help me make decisions
because i have such complete faith in you.

Whenever i've had a bad day,
all it takes is the sound of your Sweet voice
to make life right again.
no matter what we're doing,
the time we're together
is the best part of my day,
and when we're apart,
just THANKn of you makes me melt... so all i know

is that we are absolutely meant to be together....

you n me... :c)

~ da BEANstah™ ~