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I §i® Timothy Ñathaniel IV™, come before my God and my Realm, I stand not as one, but as one of the whole. I hold truth as my knowledge, my sword shall be known as justice, right shall be my strength, and mercy shall be my understanding. I shall sow the seed of loyality, defend against wrong and injustice. I shall never stray from my oath, for we are brothers, bound by honor, with sword in hand, and only to death shall we fall. I now bow before the heavens and my realm, know all, that this is my oath and that my words are my bond.

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LOYALTY: A Knight shall be known by his commitment to the ideals of the realm, service to his Queen and King, and to his people and never, shall a Knight give into compromise while in this service.

JUSTICE: A Knight's Sword is recognized as the path of right, without bias or personal interest, tempered by humanity, each fold hammered with mercy. It never bends or bows to temptations, the Knight holds Justice with the highest loyalty. For without Justice, the knight is defenseless.

HUMILITY: A Knight holds strong the opinions and contributions and accomplishments of others, for he knows that virtue is earned. His ear is always open to those that are soft spoken as well as other Knights, and he never boast or glorifies himself.

DEFENSE: A Knight is sworn by oath to the defense of his Queen and King, his realm, and his people. A knight shall always stand before those who may harm or discredit his people, his realm, or his Queen and King and a Knight shall always be worthy of those that depend upon him.

NOBILITY: A Knight shall hold great the virtues of Knighthood, striving to set the proper example for other to follow, bring quality to ideals and service to his people and to his realm. A Knight shall never disrespect the duties, his realm, or his people.

COURAGE: A Knight shall seek truth, wisdom, and the right path in those that he serves. For he must stand in the face of adversity and be prepared to take the side of truth even when personal interest may point in other directions. A Knight holds the wisdom to know when to stand and when to retreat, for if Justice is not served, then all shall fail.

FAITH: A Knight shall always hold dear to his beliefs, for they are roots of his soul. A Knight that shows a strong faith, brings hope and encouragement against despair, and purpose to those that may lose it.

PROWESS: A Knight shall find excellence in all task he engages, searching for strength in his physical being as well as his mental being, for these traits he knows are needed to serve Justice rather than personal goals.

NATURE: A Knight offers as much as he has to give, in his knowledge, his strength, and his wealth. A Knight shall always seek the path that allows for mercy and Justice to follow.

FRANCHISE: A Knight seeks to bond with rightness, share in every measure, bring quality and sincerity in all that he engages. For a Knight shall never restrict himself or others in learning, personal gain, or in obtaining goals or the path to what is right.

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My Knight, My Love, My Life

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Forever And A Day

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My Love,

My Knight thou art my love, my life,
Thy love's a guiding light, the brightest star
Ethereal thy touch, like Angel's wing
Thy fiery glance, embracement from afar
This heart is thine forever and a day
Thou holds upon thy hand my fragile soul
My being trembles with delight each day
For thee, my kindred spirit, passion sole
Oh Love, thou sets my heart afire
But what, I ask, mine heart bereft of thee?
A cold and lonely dungeon; chained my fire!
As Neptune who cannot return to sea
I yearn to drink thy cup of Love divine
And pray the day to come
thou steals what's thine

My Lady Dear,

My Lady, my love thou art
Thy love, in darkest night, a beacon bright
Thou sets my soul afire, all notion parts
Thy glance beyond ethereal delight
Thy touch alights my darkest gloomy night
Alike to Dragon's breath my passions burn
No quest, no grail can keep away thy Knight
For thee, my Love, from Death I shall return
My solemn vow for now and evermore
My heart, my soul, my life belongs to thee
Beyond the end of time and Heaven's door
My love thou art for all eternity
I yearn to drink thy cup of Love divine
And pray the day to come thou
claims what's thine

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