Mommy keep me alive.
Mommy keep me warm.
Handle me with Love.
Mommy help me to form.

I'm two weeks old today,
And the gift you gave me is,
A pair of bright blue eyes,
So one day I may see you.

I'm looking forward to my life.
To laugh, to learn, to talk.
Dolls, teddies and other toys,
And then learn to walk.

Why are you so quiet mommy?
Where are we going today?
In a car? In a bus?
Somewhere far away?

Why are we lying down Mommy?
Why are people dressed in green?
If they hurt you Mommy,
Just let out a big scream.

What's happening Mommy?
What are they doing?
First my legs, then my arms,
Now they're getting to MY HEART!!

Good-bye Mommy -- Mommy Good-bye

I'll never get to see the sky,
The flowers, the grass, nor the trees.
I'll never see a bird in flight.
I'll never feel the breeze.

I'm only two weeks old today,
Two weeks old I'll stay.
I really loved you Mommy,
I only wish you loved me.

~ Unknown ~

* * * * * * * * * *
"I set before you life and death, therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live" - Deuteronomy 30:19


"What price do we set on life? As Christians we are thankful to God for life, and recognise that behind the human process involved lies the hand of God. God, being the author of life, has entrusted us with that life, both our own and of those He places within our care. Surely that trust is felt most powerfully with reference to the weak and vulnerable.... This century has seen incredible advances in the ability to help the vulnerable as demonstrated by intricate operations on a child within the womb, yet it also has seen the tragic escalation of deliberate termination of unborn life." - Rev. John Stasse