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i uhmmm... *teehehe*

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Hi there! I'm known in the virtual world as the...

i am a dude of few words... action speaks louder and Prayer
is very Mmmmmmmmmmmefficient. i have a passion in life,
and that is to be true to one's self and those i Love.

My God, is always with me and i seek from Him
my strength to deal with everyday situations.

i dwell n da City of Angeles. i Love my home
n home is definitely where the heart is.

i have found what describes me is that i'm Very sensitive,
private, and Mmmmmmmmmmmsexually passive; i Lovers
when my Lovely takes da lead. Mmmmmmmmymymy...

Music, soft lights and romantic thoughts turn me completely
on. i fantasize, but do not tend to fall in and out of Love
easily. When in Love, i'm very romantic, idealistic, mushy,
and extremely intense. i enjoy having my senses and my
feelings stimulated, titillated, and teased. i'm a flirt.
If you know me, you can be the judge *teehehe*

i hope you enjoy my page and take full advantage of
The Prayer Request. i will see you in chat. !!WORD!!

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*Lady Sweetness places sword on right shoulder...*

"I Knight Thee i Timothy athaniel IV"

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